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Drinking water hygiene with Geberit

Drinking water is our most valuable natural resource. We use and consume it every day as a matter of course and count on it to be of good quality. The protection and provision of this precious resource is a vital aspect of the sanitary installation.

Why choose Geberit FlowFit?


Simplified installation thanks to less weight, less uncertainty and more flexibility.

Water flow

Flow-optimised hydraulics

Data flow

Intelligent planning with constantly available data - also with BIM.

Material flow

Geberit is committed to sustainability and offers a collection service for pressing indicators.

Geberit FlowFit – no more confusion

Confusion between the two pressing jaws is highly unlikely thanks to their distinctive orange and blue colouring.

Geberit FlowFit requires only two pressing jaws to cover all dimensions. These are clearly differentiated by colour (orange and blue).

The same colours can be found on the pressing indicators for the fittings. This makes it almost impossible to use the wrong pressing jaw, and eliminates any doubt regarding whether all fittings have been pressed. As the indicators fall off during the pressing process, it is instantly clear which areas have already been pressed.

Geberit FlowFit not only revolutionises installation convenience, but also increases safety with clever innovations .

Why choose Geberit Mepla?

For flexible applications

The lightweight design of the Mepla system pipes allows them to be bent effortlessly.

Reliable pressing

The clearly defined pressing jaw guide ensures that the pressing jaw is positioned exactly where it is supposed to be.

Confident checks

The pipe insertion depth is easily visible to provide certainty during installation.

As smooth as glass for minimum adhesion

The smooth interior surface of the pipes ensures good flow rates and minimises incrustations.

Geberit Mepla – the flexible all-rounder

The Geberit Mepla multilayer pipe system combines the advantages of metal and plastic. This means you can count on work progressing quickly at the building site in compliance with all the necessary standards and regulations. Geberit Mepla in a nutshell:

  • Flexible, bendable and yet inherently stable
  • Clean, safe and easy to process
  • Reliable press connection
  • Quick and secure transitions to other systems such as Geberit Mapress, Geberit PushFit and Geberit FlowFit.

Discover Geberit Mepla

Why choose Geberit Mapress?

Protection against dust and dirt

The sockets are sealed with a plug to protect them from dust and dirt on the building site.

Wide range of applications

The coordinated components lend the system a high load bearing capacity.

High material and system safety

The optimum composition of the alloy components results in a high degree of material and system safety

Detection of unpressed fittings

The seal ring provides additional safety. Its special contours are designed to ensure unpressed connections are leaky.

Geberit Mapress – the all-rounder

Mapress Carbon Steel, Mapress Stainless Steel and Mapress Copper

Geberit Mapress Stainless Steel is a highly effective supply system and can be used for diverse mediums.

Geberit Mapress Carbon Steel was designed for installations where cost-effectiveness is paramount.

Many plumbers still rely on copper. Geberit Mapress Copper is very easy to press. The supply system can be processed quickly and reliably without soldering.

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