Concealed CisternsThe standard for flush technology

The classic in modern bathroom installations

Geberit inwall concealed cistern

Geberit concealed cisterns are the classics of modern bathroom installations and have been installed a million times over around the world for more than 50 years. They are known for their proverbial reliability. Every cistern is leak-tested before it is delivered.

50 years spare part availability: Geberit ensures the flushing functionality of its concealed WC cisterns for 50 years. The specific functionalities of electronic products, such as hygienic flushing or DuoFresh odour extraction, are excluded.

The flush volume of the Geberit Sigma concealed cistern 12 cm can be limited to 4.5 litres. It’s therefore exemplary in terms of water consumption and has achieved consistently high scores on the Water Efficiency Label.

Prepared for the future of the bathroom

Geberit concealed cistern with a conduit pipe for the water supply connection

The Geberit installation elements for WCs include a conduit pipe for the water supply connection of Geberit AquaClean shower toilets. You can therefore retrofit a Geberit AquaClean, the shower toilet that cleans with water, at any time. Some Geberit installation elements for WCs are additionally equipped for the Geberit DuoFresh odour extraction unit, which absorbs and eliminates odours directly in the WC ceramic appliance.

Equipped for any situation

You not only have a wide selection of Geberit actuator plates, but also reliable Geberit installation elements for installation behind the wall. These are available in three different installation heights and for front flush actuation, as well as flush actuation from above for lower installation heights. Geberit actuator plates bear the name of the suitable concealed cistern so that you can be certain that everything will match.

Geberit Sigma concealed cistern

Geberit Sigma concealed cistern

  • Construction height 112 cm
  • Front actuation
  • Available as barrier-free or height-adjustable
  • Available as a corner element
  • Odour extraction (recirculating air/exhaust air)
  • Suitable for Geberit remote flush actuation
Geberit Omega concealed cisterns

Geberit Omega concealed cistern

  • Complete flexibility with the various construction heights of 112 cm, 98 cm and 82 cm
  • Front actuation
  • Additional top actuation available with construction heights 82 cm and 98 cm
  • Particularly small actuator plates
  • Suitable for Geberit remote flush actuation

Progress is the enemy of stagnation

Geberit sanitary flush

Regular flushing ensures drinking water hygiene

The Geberit sanitary flush in the concealed cistern ensures drinking water hygiene without taking up any additional space.

It is the perfect solution when an automatic flush is required in bathrooms due to irregular use but additional service openings are unwelcome.

The integrated sanitary flush is suitable for use with the Geberit GIS and Duofix installation systems.

Installation video intergrated hygienic flush

The Geberit interval sanitary flush unit can be easily installed in any Geberit Sigma concealed cistern 12 cm

Retrofitting the sanitary flush

The Geberit interval sanitary flush unit offers a cost-effective and space-saving solution to maintain drinking water quality. It ensures reliable cold water replacement and can be installed or retrofitted in any Geberit Sigma concealed cistern 12 cm in just a few simple steps.