Geberit in the Turkish sea breezeCorrosion-proof in yachts

The shipbuilding business is booming in Türkiye. Geberit Mapress CuNiFe piping systems are performing well here - thanks to their high corrosion resistance and efficient processing. But Geberit is also scoring points in shipbuilding in other ways.

The shipbuilding business in Turkey is experiencing rising demand (© ADA Yachting)

Türkiye is surrounded by four seas. Marmara, Aegean, Black Sea and Mediterranean - Türkiye is a country of shipping. Since the pandemic, the demand for ships made in Türkiye has even increased. Onur Tekin, Managing Director of the ADA Yachting shipyard in the Turkish harbour city of Bodrum, says the order books are well filled. “The market is booming.“

The local Geberit sales company is also feeling the increasing demand, as Managing Director Ufuk Algier confirms. “We therefore want to focus even more strongly on shipbuilding - and drive forward the transfer of expertise.“

When people talk about shipbuilding at Geberit, they particularly think of the Mapress CuNiFe piping system. The alloy of copper, nickel and iron is highly resistant to corrosion in salt water - and therefore indispensable in shipbuilding. However, due to the high material costs, it is usually only used where seawater really flows through the pipes. This is the case for fire extinguishing systems on board, as well as for drainage systems in case of a leak.

CuNiFe, stainless steel and PE

Geberit Mapress CuNiFe

The Su Marine shipyard in Istanbul has been working with Mapress CuNiFe for many years. Timothy Grünberg, Co-Managing Director of the shipyard, points to a stack of CuNiFe pipes in the warehouse and says: “This is like gold to us.“ But the shipyard also uses Mapress stainless steel pipes - for the fuel supply, for example. “PE pipes are also used in the ship's drainage system,“ he says.

Onur Tekin from the ADA yacht shipyard meanwhile uses Geberit shower drains. “Their S-shaped siphon is particularly efficient.“ Conventional siphons empty out when the waves come in, which leads to unpleasant odours. “With those from Geberit, the odour trap remains intact when the boat is rocking.“

Quality counts

Room of the yacht (© ADA Yachting)

Quality is particularly important in the yacht business,“ says Timothy Grünberg. Türkiye has caught up with the European markets in this respect.

However, as the order situation increases, staff are becoming scarcer. This leads to higher labour costs. To keep prices stable, efficient processing is all the more important. “With the Mapress pressing system, we are a good six times faster than with a welding system,“ says Onur Tekin. “That pays off, despite the higher material costs.“

Geberit products used in the project

  • Geberit Mapress CuNiFe supply system
  • Geberit Mapress stainless steel supply system
  • Geberit HDPE drainage system
  • Geberit shower drains - e.g. CleanLine50