Fire protection with GeberitPreventing spread

Domestic installation risk

Geberit fire test at the Materials Testing Institute (MPA) of the University of Stuttgart

Unsecured feed-throughs allow fires to spread rapidly between rooms and floors. Preventive fire protection prevents or delays this in order to keep people safe from fire and smoke.

Sanitary installation solutions

Geberit duct fire-retarding bulkhead for fire protection
  • Fire-retarding bulkhead using approved Geberit GIS
  • Fire-retarding bulkhead using approved Geberit fire protection sleeves

Geberit systems meet the relevant legal requirements for fire protection, and evidence of this is available. Thanks to the system technology, planning and installation work is kept to a minimum.

Geberit products for fire protection

Geberit installation systems

Geberit Duofix prewall

Used in combination with appropriate partition walls, Geberit Duofix, Geberit GIS and Geberit Sanbloc installation systems are suitable for a fire-retarding bulkhead for up to 90 minutes.


Fire protection

Learn more about fire protection with the Geberit fire protection sleeve RS90 Plus DIN.