Floor-even shower solutions | Geberit Southern Africa

Floor-even and barrier-free A range of floor-even shower solutions

Floor-even showers are all the rage because they are discreet and enable a comprehensive structuring of the room as well as step-free access to the shower area. Geberit offers a variety of solutions – whichever one you opt for, you will have nothing but unrestricted shower enjoyment to look forward to.

Geberit bathroom with cleanLine


Combines an outstanding look with function and hygiene. As it is discreetly positioned at the edge of the shower, you can enjoy your floor-even shower to the full.

Geberit wall drain for a floor-even shower


The Geberit wall drain for showers clears the way for a barrier-free bathroom with a consistent design. By moving the drain from the floor to behind the wall, you can preserve the flawless tiled appearance of the floor-even shower and you will no longer have to step on the drain.

Bathroom with floor-even Geberit shower surface Setaplano


The new Geberit shower surface Setaplano is made of a high-quality solid surface material. The advantages of this material are evident from the very first touch. Unlike metal, glass or ceramic, it is both pleasantly warm and silky-smooth to the touch. What’s more, the non-porous material is extremely slip-proof.