Bathroom planning made easyThe way to your dream bathroom

Are you building a house? Congratulations! A new construction project is exciting, but also challenging. Intense times are coming up in which you will have to make numerous decisions. A lot of effort, passion and a large budget will go into your future home.

As with many things, the same applies to the bathroom: good planning is the be-all and end-all. We support you with valuable tips so that you can master this complex task. Find out how to make your dream bathroom come true in your new home.

Planning your new bathroomOnline or with a personal advisor?

Man gets inspiration for his new bathroom

Bathroom planning starts at home on the sofa. Look for inspirations and ideas online or in home improvement magazines. Many people create a Pinterest board with pictures of their favourite ideas during this phase. The more specific your ideas and wishes, the easier and faster the personal consultation at your sanitary specialist.

Do you already have some concrete ideas for your dream bathroom and want to start out by experimenting with the room design? Many manufacturers offer online bathroom planners that can be used to plan your bathroom with the help of a 3D view. In the Geberit bathroom planning tool, you can either work with predefined floor plans or create your own, then fill the room with bathroom products such as the toilet, shower or cabinets.

After the online research comes the personal consultation at the retailer. They are familiar with all the pitfalls during planning, know the different product functions and can help you in making a selection. Take a list with your favourite products when possible, as this allows you to clear up specific issues directly with your sanitary partner and plan the next steps. If you have already created a 3D plan, bring this to the consultation too.

Innovative ideas for your new bathroom

Mix & Match: Geberit ONE lay-on washbasin with iCon cabinet

During the design phase, you should consider two key elements – storage space and cleaning. In everyday life, you quickly see the difference if bathroom utensils are stored cleverly. Innovative storage space solutions allow for all your care products, towels and other items to be stored away so they are not visible yet are still easily accessible.

Clever planning that also takes cleaning into account also saves a lot of time and effort. Think about the benefits of a room with no corners or hard-to-reach nooks and crannies where dirt and bacteria can accumulate. The right materials and surface textures mean less effort is required – and more free time for you.

Your new bathroom is more than just a functional room. It is a place of retreat and relaxation. With sophisticated solutions for freedom of movement, storage space and easy cleaning, you can ensure that your bathroom is not only aesthetically appealing, but is also practical and easy to look after.

Man and woman in perfectly lit bathroom with Geberit ONE products

With the right bathroom planning for natural lighting

Nothing has a greater impact on the atmosphere of a room than the lighting. This applies especially to the bathroom, where there is often no natural daylight. Fortunately, a homely atmosphere is still possible by installing the right light sources.

Whether natural daylight or functional lighting – we can show you what is needed to light your bathroom perfectly.

Find out more about optimal bathroom lighting

Geberit AquaClean Alba WC

Current bathroom trends

Whether a modern walk-in shower, smart light control in the mirror cabinet or a toilet with gentle shower spray, feel-good moments are paramount in the modern bathroom. Soft colours, strong contrasts and lots of clever technology should not be missing.

Discover the latest trends

Barrier-free bathroom with washplace, toilet and floor-even shower

Barrier-free planning of the bathroom

With increasing age, illness or after an accident, the demands on the bathroom change. If you take accessibility into account at the planning stage, you will save costs and time later on.

Our checklist will help you plan a barrier-free bathroom that meets modern design requirements.

How to plan a barrier-free bathroom

Person showering in a floor-even shower with Geberit CleanLine shower channel

Daily wellness with shower or bathtub

Do you think there’s nothing more relaxing than recovering from a stressful day in the bathtub? Or do you prefer the advantages of a modern walk-in shower instead? Opinions differ widely here. If you don’t have space for both and are having trouble deciding, take a look at these reasons for having a bathtub or shower in your new bathroom.

Compare shower and bathtub

Two Geberit bathrooms with different wall colours in pink and dark green

Colour in the bathroom

It’s no secret that colours generate a sense of atmosphere and contribute to homeliness in the bathroom.

Are you a fan of neutral, timeless shades or do you prefer bright colours instead? Whether classic bathroom furniture in white, making a powerful statement with black highlights or bringing colour to the bathroom – a coherent colour concept means your new bathroom will provide lasting enjoyment for years to come. Check out our tips on selecting the right colours for your bathroom.

Useful tools for bathroom planning

Useful tools for bathroom planning

Planning your bathroom step by step

When planning a new bathroom, it is best to proceed step by step. Carefully consider the following four questions:

1. Is the bathroom part of a renovation or a completely new construction?

Plumber installing a Geberit Option illuminated mirror during a bathroom renovation

It goes without saying that planning a bathroom depends on whether it is being renovated or built from scratch.

Unless a complete core refurbishment is being carried out, the floor plan is usually set during renovations. The water and electrical connections are already defined. Decisions here primarily relate to the colours and materials used for the floor, ceiling and walls, and the selection of the new furniture, ceramic appliances for the toilet and washbasin, mirrors and cabinets, and the taps.
Our renovation guide contains all the information you need on bathroom renovations.

In contrast, a new build is like a blank canvas. Regardless of whether you are renovating or starting from scratch, the first steps are the same:

  • Be clear about your wishes and needs in the bathroom.
  • Look for inspiration – online, in showrooms, magazines or when visiting friends and family.

Other useful tips when planning a bathroom

Inspiration and bathroom planning by and with Geberit

In the planning phase, there are countless options available for making your vision into reality. Our website is a treasure trove of tips, ideas and inspirations for helping you design your new bathroom.

When planning a bathroom by and with Geberit, your needs are what really matter. We want your bathroom to not only look good, but also be functional and comfortable. This is why we offer innovative solutions for more space, hygiene and functional design.

Mann in Geberit ONE Badezimmer mit Geberit AquaClean Mera und Geberit Option Plus Spiegel

Everything from a single source

Our complete solutions are what set Geberit apart from other providers. With Geberit ONE, we offer a bathroom series that not only includes sanitary technology behind the wall, but also products in front of the wall such as bathroom ceramics, furniture and taps – and all from a single source. This means you no longer have to worry about whether all elements will fit together – everything matches perfectly and is of the highest quality.

Our service also includes helpful tools and apps for simplifying your bathroom planning. This includes the online 3D bathroom planner and a configurator for your washplace. To ensure you are aware of all the latest trends and possibilities during the planning phase and your new bathroom meets your needs to the full, we also offer advice from leading bathroom professionals – free of charge and without obligation, either digitally or in person.

Person planning a bathroom virtually using the Geberit 3D bathroom planner on their laptop

Which details can be selected in the Geberit bathroom planner?

Our free-of-charge 3D bathroom planner is a particularly helpful tool. The planning software can be used to plan your bathroom virtually in 3D and try out various layouts, colours and materials. You then get a realistic idea about how your new bathroom will look before you start building.

Once you have chosen a floor plan template or created your own to scale in the tool, you can then add various objects to the room, such as doors, windows, heating, tiles and connections. In the design phase, you have access to Geberit bathroom series and can add a toilet, washbasin, illuminated mirror and other bathroom furniture and accessories to the 3D view. The sanitary appliances can be positioned and moved freely. Try out different colours, materials and designs. At the end, you will receive a 3D view of your new dream bathroom.