Drinking water hygiene with Geberit Safely prevent stagnation

Biofilms in drinking water

Biofilm in the drinking water system

Biofilms form anywhere that water circulates, including drinking water systems. Normally, they don’t pose any problems and don’t affect the quality of drinking water. Health risks only arise when the germs are able to multiply. Stagnant water and water temperatures between 25 °C and 50 °C can encourage bacterial growth. In practice, the risk is likely to occur in empty properties, in rooms that are only used intermittently as well as in dead-end pipes. Hygiene problems caused by excessive proliferation of germs can be reliably avoided through:

  • correct planning, design and commissioning
  • correct operation
  • preventing stagnation
  • preventing unfavourable temperatures between 25 °C and 50 °C

Underestimated risk: legionella and pseudomonas

Legionella pneumophila
Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Anyone inhaling legionella can be infected. This can happen anywhere that polluted water droplets enter the air as aerosols; for instance, under the shower or on taps.

Legionnaires’ disease can trigger pneumonia. However, it is often not identified as the cause of illness. For that reason, the estimated number of unreported cases is high and the significance of the disease is underestimated. The same is true of pseudomonas, which can trigger gangrene and develop resistance to antibiotics.

Problem areas for drinking water hygiene

Hazard sources: stagnant lukewarm water in a domestic installation.
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The solution for new and existing buildings

Geberit products for drinking water hygiene

Geberit sanitary flush Rapid

Geberit sanitary flush Rapid installed directly wherever it is needed
Flexible solution
  • Compact dimensions
  • Battery enables mains-independent operation
  • Trap easy to clean
  • Operation possible without trap, e.g. in the case of drainage into the cistern
  • Flush intervals can be set easily and intuitively
  • Easy installation, easy removal, can be reused multiple times

Flushing programmes for every operating situation

Operation with Geberit SetApp

Geberit SetApp for easy setting of the flushing programmes

The Geberit sanitary flush and Geberit sanitary flush integrated in the concealed cistern can conveniently be set via smartphone and the Geberit SetApp.

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Standards and laws

Guaranteeing drinking water quality in domestic installations is the subject of various ordinances and standards. At a European level, Directive 98/83/EC governs the quality of water for human consumption. Sanitary engineers, plumbers and operators are safe from a legal perspective if they observe directives like this and comply with country-specific regulations.

Directive 98/83/EC


Optimal drinking water hygiene

Find out about our contribution to optimal drinking water hygiene.

All the technical information for the Geberit Sanitary Flush can be found in the Online Catalogue