The WC for every age group

WCs often receive far too little attention. Nevertheless, they represent a fundamental component of a bathroom and play an important role for every age group. Modern WC solutions like shower toilets simplify our day-to-day lives and help to ensure optimal cleansing of the genital area for all ages.

Shower toilets reduce the level of supervision required for children

Shower toilet for touchless cleaning

An age-appropriate bathroom should be comfortable, safe and usable without the need for outside help. A WC with integrated shower function – a combination of toilet and bidet – is a useful feature for a barrier-free bathroom. As people get older and their mobility starts to become more limited, awkward movements associated with personal cleansing make life that bit more difficult. With a shower toilet, a spray arm extends at the touch of a button to clean the bottom thoroughly and gently with water. This leads to more autonomy and independence in the everyday life of elderly people.

Modern WC solution for a barrier-free bathroom

The benefits of the toilet technology invented in the 1960s are by no means just for older people. Water is the best way for all ages to clean themselves thoroughly and gently. The more the bottom is irritated by rubbing with toilet paper, the greater the risk of skin irritation, allergies and eczema. With a shower toilet, every age group can experience a completely new feeling of cleanliness. At the same time, modern technology makes for an interesting way for children to get to grips with cleaning their own bottoms. A small toilet stool in front of the shower toilet helps little ones to reach the sitting position.

Personal settings in the shower toilet to suit all requirements

The shower toilet has various settings that can be individually defined. For example, each person can set for themselves how far the spray arm should extend based on their height. This ensures that only the areas to be cleaned actually get wet. The personal user profiles can be saved and called up at any time at the click of a button.