Design ideas for small bathrooms

As part of the Geberit 6x6 bathroom design campaign, six European architects designed bathrooms measuring 6 m². Their ideas on design read like a how-to guide.

Less is more

Less is more

One should feel a sense of calm and serenity in the 6 square meters bathroom (© Bjerg Arkitektur)

The public ultimately chose the design by Danish architecture firm Bjerg as the winner of the competition. Its balanced design and the amount of storage space were particularly impressive. The idea behind “Serenity” is quite simply an appealing experience for the senses within the bathroom. Continuous surfaces, lots of inconspicuous storage space, warm wood tones and earthy colours make for a good start and end to the day in a relaxing environment.

“The timeless design brings calm and balance into the daily bathroom ritual,” says Carsten Wraae Jensen, project manager and architect at Bjerg Arkitektur. “The challenge is to focus more on one thing. Less is more.” (Read the interview)

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