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Sanitary rooms for nurseries and schools

Children play at a Geberit Bambini play and washspace

Children discover the world through play. When setting up sanitary facilities for children, such as in nurseries, childcare centres and schools, hygiene, ease of cleaning and safety are all essential considerations. Bathroom facilities suitable for children can promote a playful approach to personal health and hygiene.

The Geberit Bambini bathroom series offers WCs for children, washbasins for children and other washplace products that are specially tailored to the needs of toddlers and children up to the age of 14. The colour concept creates a playful yet timeless atmosphere in the sanitary rooms. With its easy-to-clean products, this series also meets the requirements of care and cleaning staff.

Geberit Bambini at a glance

Why choose Geberit Bambini?

The perfect height

Toilet and washplace equipment suitable for different age groups

Fun factor with educational value

Scope to experiment with functions such as a dammable basin and slides

Easy to clean

The Rimfree closed WC ceramic appliance has no flushing edge

Seamless installation

Proven installation process with Geberit installation elements and connections

Child-friendly WC ceramicsfor nurseries and preschools

WC ceramic appliances at the right height and with the appropriate equipment are designed to support children throughout their toilet training journey. The Rimfree® WC ceramic appliances without flushing edge are available in three different heights: 24, 30 and 35 cm.

The wall-hung WC can be installed at a child-friendly height of 35 cm. This means that the floor underneath the WC is kept clear and easy to clean. The two floor-standing WCs for toddlers and children up to pre-school age are installed flush with the wall. What’s more, the WC surface can be cleaned with a quick wipe thanks to the closed toilet design.

The WC ceramic appliances can be combined with a WC seat with handles on the lid or a WC seat ring with grab rails. A potty-shaped toilet seat ring is available for the smallest sanitary ceramics. All of our toilet seats are easy to clean, hygienic and ergonomically designed.

Play and washspacefor children of all ages

Geberit Bambini play and washspace

Children love to play with water! Special washbasins made of this versatile, hard-wearing solid surface material playfully awaken children’s love of water. A child-friendly low-level basin with round shapes makes it easier and more fun to teach little ones about cleanliness.

The children’s washbasins can be installed at child-friendly heights ranging from 45 to 60 cm. Clever details such as the low installation depths and a closer tap hole make them even easier to use. They also feature taps in fun designs to really spark children’s imaginations. These are available in vibrant or neutral colours to suit the ambience in the sanitary area.

Further benefits of the children’s washbasins:

  • Small projection
  • Optional finish in four different colour variants: without illustration, ocean blue, forest green and carmine red
  • Matching washbasin tap in a child-friendly design

Child-friendly featuresfor more fun in the bathroom

Geberit Bambini play and washspace with dammable basin

Encourage exploration – promote trial and error – enjoy hands-on learning: The play and washspace in the Geberit Bambini series offers a wide range of options for playing with water. Up to three levels are integrated into the washing troughs, each suitable and accessible for different age groups. These levels are presented as gentle waves in a playful and flowing design.

In the upper area of the play and washspace, a dammable basin is the perfect area for water-based activities, while the integrated slide to the lowest washbasin invites children to play and experiment.

It is this playful approach that makes daily hygiene even more fun. The wave motif actually serves a dual purpose: not only does it symbolise the functionality of the play and washspace, but it also reflects the boundless imagination and creativity of children.

Harmonious colour schemefor children’s sanitary facilities

In sanitary rooms for nurseries, schools and childcare centres, it makes sense to choose fun colours that are appropriate for children at this stage of their development. Not only do colours help to create a pleasant atmosphere, but they also serve to emphasise functions – for example, it is easier for children to distinguish between large and small flush volumes if the buttons have different colours.

To ensure that the entire sanitary installation harmonises in terms of colour, the flush plates, toilet seats, washbasin taps and design panels for the washing troughs can all be combined seamlessly in modern, tonal colours.

The current colour selection is modern, understated and offers numerous combination possibilities.

Easy cleaning with Geberit Bambini

Cleaning instructions for the Geberit Bambini play and washspace

Once all the playing and exploring is over, it’s time to get the play and washspace looking clean and tidy again. The Geberit Bambini toilets, washbasins, taps and other products have been designed to be easy to clean and maintain with minimal effort.

For day-to-day cleaning, we recommend using water and a soft cloth. Stubborn stains can be removed with the rough side of a plastic sponge and a mild scouring cream.

As for the taps, these can be cleaned with a commercially available tap and steel cleaner. Even after intensive use, the children’s sanitary room is as good as new in no time.

Child-friendly sanitary roomsinstalled in no time

Installation step on the Geberit Duofix element for the Bambini series

A special Geberit Duofix element is available for Geberit Bambini, which can be used to install small children’s toilets at heights of 24 or 30 cm.

The flush plate can be set to a height of 78, 83 or 88 cm during installation so that children can flush the toilet at an easily accessible height. Plumbers can use a scale on the frame to determine the appropriate heights and continue the installation as usual.

Geberit Bambini is designed with children in mind and is child’s play to install.

Innovative functions at a glance

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iF Design Award 2024

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Children play in a sanitary room featuring Geberit Bambini

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