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Geberit Connect Always the perfect setting

Simple networking of sanitary appliances

Geberit Connect is a future-oriented platform for networking sanitary appliances that allows users to benefit from comprehensive and economical operation of their sanitary installations. An extensive range of Geberit products can be integrated into the networked system. This means it can either be connected to a building automation system or controlled centrally via Geberit Gateway.

Applications for networked sanitary facilities

  • Facility management: The transparency of the data makes it possible to simplify processes and reduce operating costs.
  • Drinking water hygiene: Networking with the Geberit Hygiene System helps to improve its operation and provide evidence of proper functionality.

Why choose Geberit Connect? Your benefits

Well connected

With Geberit Connect, your sanitary rooms can be connected to a building automation system.

Link to the future

The level of connectivity can be organised flexibly. Retrofitting of end devices and future expansions of the device landscape are also possible.

Long-term availability

The system can be used for a long period of time thanks to the quality and long-term availability of the spare parts.​

Comprehensive system

All system components come from a single source and are based on existing standards. The system products are coordinated with each other.

Straightforward implementation

The Geberit Control app makes everyday tasks easier for facility managers, service technicians and plumbers when it comes to commissioning and operation.

For new buildings and renovations

Sanitary rooms can be networked via GEBUS in new buildings and with Bluetooth® for renovations.


Geberit Gateway and the end devices feature password protection so that only authorised users can access the devices.

Easy to install

All components required for networking are fully integrated into the Geberit system world and can therefore be installed easily, safely and quickly​

Connecting to a building automation system

Geberit Connect for connecting to a building automation system

Transparent and reliable

Geberit Connect is optimally matched to the requirements of a central, transparent and secure building management solution. Data points for integration into a building automation system are available for Geberit Gateway and all end devices. What’s more, when it comes to evaluating data and controlling functions, this can all be programmed directly via the system.

LAN connection

One or more gateways can be integrated into a building automation system via LAN.

BACnet objects from Geberit are BTL-certified

BACnet is a registered trademark of ASHRAE. ASHRAE does not endorse, approve or test products for compliance with ASHRAE standards. Compliance of listed products to the requirements of ASHRAE Standard 135 is the responsibility of BACnet International. The BTL logo is a registered trademark of BACnet International.

To ensure seamless integration of the BACnet objects into the building automation system, it is essential for the BACnet objects to comply with the general standard. BACnetTesting Laboratories (BTL)tests this for conformity and interoperability in accordance with the industry standard test package. ​

The use of BTL-certified products helps to minimise the integration time and costs in a building automation system. They also provide a solid basis for future system improvements and enhancements. ​

The Geberit Gateway BACnet interface has been certified by BTL.

Link to Geberit Gateway in the BTL list of tested products

BACnet objects for integration into the building automation system

BACnet™ is a trademark of ASHRAE.

An EDE (Engineering Data Exchange) file is required for integration into a building automation system via BACnet/IP. The EDE file contains all BACnet objects of Geberit Gateway and the assigned end devices, which are grouped by zone. The EDE file is generated after commissioning and can be downloaded in CSV format via the Geberit Control app and Geberit Gateway. ​

The following tables show an overview of the available BACnet objects for each end device that are available in the EDE file. More detailed descriptions complete with object names, type and instance can be found in thesystem manual.

BACnet objects of connected end devices Overview

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System components for connectivity

Direct link to the catalogue for each product.

Planning, installation and commissioning Everything you need to know about operating the connected system

Additional investment for networking a sanitary room Minimal extra effort for a better future

Geberit Connect system manual Everything you need to know about connectivity

Geberit Connect system manual

The system manual describes how to connect all Geberit Connect-capable devices. ​The system manual includes the following chapters:​

  • System overview​
  • System components​
  • Planning: Planning rules, zone division, connection of end devices and practical examples​
  • Commissioning: Following the process, connecting devices, finalising commissioning​
  • Operation: Operating devices, performing firmware updates, maintaining devices​
  • Disposal