Plan Carefully - Clean lessFive tips for bathroom planning

A well planned bathroom makes cleaning a breeze

However attractive a good design may be, users find cleanliness in the bathroom more important at the end of the day. If you are planning a bathroom, you should therefore observe a few basic rules. After all, good bathroom planning makes your dream bathroom even better – and the design of your bathroom by no means has to fall by the wayside. Read our five tips for bathroom planners on how to design the ideal bathroom:

1. Simple room planning

Less dust traps thanks to concealed trap with Geberit ONE washbasin

Design the floor plan of the bathroom carefully to suit your requirements. Bathrooms should have as few corners and edges as possible. Without them, cleaning can be taken care of quickly and efficiently. On this note, plan to conceal as many unnecessary dust traps in the bathroom – such as cisterns, pipes and cables – behind the wall. You can even position traps and mirror cabinets behind or in the wall with a clever choice of products.

Products for more cleanliness in the bathroom