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Woman and child in a colourful bathroom with Geberit Option mirror and Geberit AquaClean Alba

Every project begins with an idea. This is no different when building or renovating a bathroom. But what if these ideas fail to materialise for your new dream bathroom? Fortunately, there are a lot of beautiful bathrooms that can be used as inspiration.

We have put together some ideas for bathroom design and can provide inspiration for modern bathrooms, for small bathrooms and for various floor plans. Maybe one of these many photos shows just what you’re looking for in your dream bathroom? Have fun designing your bathroom!

Bathroom designThis is what your bathroom could look like

Tip: Use our inspiration tool

Laptop with screenshot from the Geberit inspiration tool

Are you just starting a bathroom project and are open to new ideas? If so, the inspiration tool from Geberit is a perfect solution! Take a minute or two to click your way through the tool. Using the bathroom pictures, you can find out what you like and what is important. We provide ideas for bathroom design.

New ideas often come about right in the middle of the planning process. This might be when the first visualisation of the dream bathroom is seen, for example. To optimise this process, we recommend using the 3D bathroom planner. In this free-of-charge tool from Geberit, you start with a floor plan or empty room and furnish the bathroom according to your personal wishes.

Whether large or small – be inspired

Of course, which ideas are possible also depends on the size and floor plan of your bathroom! Around the world, opinions vary about what is considered a large or small bathroom. Regardless of this, options exist for homely bathroom design and functional installations for all floor plans and sizes.

Bathroom in trendy Peach Fuzz with the Geberit AquaClean Alba shower toilet

The bathroom trends for 2024

In the modern bathroom, feel-good moments are paramount. These are not only created with an aesthetic design, but also with clever technology. Let’s take a look at the latest trends for bathroom products and colours in 2024. We also highlight functional aspects and show how you can get the most from your bathroom using intelligent systems.

Discover the trends today

Woman in a minimalist bathroom

Minimalist bathroom

Minimalism in the bathroom is recommended when space is limited. If you don’t have many things in the first place, then they don’t have to be stored away.

However, minimalist design has now not only become a popular choice in smaller rooms, but can also be seen as a lifestyle choice in many different bathrooms across the world. The original idea remains the same – focusing on the essentials. We can show you what this means in the bathroom.

Minimalist design on show

Washplace with black taps, bathroom furniture and accessories

Black bathroom

Black highlights in the bathroom have been popular for quite some time now. This is no surprise – after all, black products make a powerful statement when combined cleverly and used discreetly. The renowned architect Andrin Schweizer is a big fan. In his interview, he explains how you can design your bathroom in this trendy colour.

Ideas for bathroom design in black

Washplace with bathroom furniture from the Geberit iCon bathroom series

Wooden bathroom furniture

Wooden bathroom furniture creates a homely look and pleasant atmosphere in the bathroom. Certain things have to be taken into account, as bathroom furniture is heavily exposed to moisture. We are on hand to explain which wood types are particularly suited to bathroom furniture, plus how to look after them.

Things to watch out for with wooden bathroom furniture

Small Geberit Selnova bathroom with wall-hung WC and washbasin

Designing a small bathroom

The bathroom is usually not the biggest room in an apartment or house. The average bathroom size varies from country to country. One thing is certain: a modern mini bathroom is also possible with just 4 m² available. Even more so when you know how the limited space available can be used to its full potential.

We examine the challenges faced when designing the bathroom, offer inspirations for small bathrooms, and answer frequently asked questions.

Designing a 4 m² bathroom

Design your bathroom with Geberit

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